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links we like

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[toggle title_open=”Blogs We Like” title_closed=”Blogs We Like” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Fifth Season Gardening
Small Terrain
Root Simple
Healthy Home Economist
Northwest Edible Life
Roots Memphis
Tailgate Market Fan Club[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”General Garden Suppliers” title_closed=”General Garden Suppliers” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Reems Creek Nursery
Fifth Season Gardening
BB Barns[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”North Carolina State University and NC Cooperative Extension Sites” title_closed=”North Carolina State University and NC Cooperative Extension Sites” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
North Carolina Cooperative Extension
NCSU Specialty Crops Program
An Organic Agriculture Internet Resource Guide
Sustainable Ag: Growing Small Farms
Sustainable Practices For Vegetable Production In The South[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”University Resources Outside North Carolina)” title_closed=”University Resources (Outside North Carolina)” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Publications by University of California – Davis
University of Florida Extension Website[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Education” title_closed=”Education” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
NC School of Holistic Herbalism [/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Sustainable Agriculture Resources and Organizations” title_closed=”Sustainable Agriculture Resources and Organizations” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
ASAP – Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project
ATTRA – National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
CFSA – Carolina Farm Stewardship Organization
Carolina Organic Growers, A Farmers Cooperative
Growing for Market
The New Farm: Farmer-to-Farmer Know-How from The Rodale Institute
SARE – Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
Southern SARE – Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
Seed Savers Exchange
Journey to Forever Online Library[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Local Seed Suppliers” title_closed=”Local Seed Suppliers” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Appalachian Seeds
Sow True Seeds[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Organic Seed Suppliers” title_closed=”Organic Seed Suppliers” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, MO
Cook’s Garden, PA
Fedco Seeds, ME
Filaree Farm, WA
Harris Seeds, NY
High Mowing Seeds, VT
Horizon Herbs, OR
Johnny’s Selected Seeds, ME
Milk Ranch Specialty Potatoes, CO
The Natural Gardening Company, CA
Organic Seed Company, MA
Sand Hill Preservation Center, IA
Seeds of Change, NM
Seed Savers, IA
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, VA
Territorial Seed Company, OR
Hometown Seeds, UT[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Weed Identification” title_closed=”Weed Identification” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Oregon Biodynamic Group
Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research: Weed ID
University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources: Weed ID[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Pest Identification & Control” title_closed=”Pest Identification & Control” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Clemson University Pest ID
Pesticide Education Blog

[toggle title_open=”Handtool Suppliers” title_closed=”Handtool Suppliers” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Valley Oak Tool Company[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Fertilizer Suppliers” title_closed=”Fertilizer Suppliers” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Good Earth Organics
Hydro-Gardens (Colorado Springs)
Ray’s Bag Company
Southern States[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Post-Harvest Information” title_closed=”Post-Harvest Information” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
University of California – Davis
NC State University[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Land Conservation and Farmland Preservation” title_closed=”Land Conservation and Farmland Preservation” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
American Farmland Trust
Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy
Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Permaculture” title_closed=”Permaculture” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
The Permaculture Research Institute
Asheville Permaculture Guild
The Permaculture Activist[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Homesteading” title_closed=”Homesteading” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Back Home Magazine
Homesteading Directory
Back to Basics[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Urban Growing” title_closed=”Urban Growing” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Path to Freedom
Urban Agroculture Notes by City Farmer – Canada’s Office of Urban Agriculture
The Bountiful Cities Project[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Sustainable Agriculture Advocacy” title_closed=”Sustainable Agriculture Advocacy” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]
Heifer International
Community Food Security Coalition[/toggle]