Presenter Tips for Giving Great CRAFT Tours


#1. If you are a vegetable grower, please cover these topics in your general tour:

  • Field preparation and Planting
  • Pest management  (weed control, disease, insect control)
  • Irrigation
  • Planning and Record keeping
  • Season extension and Greenhouse management
  • Harvest and Post-harvest Handling
  • Soils, Nutrient cycling, Cover cropping, Composting
  • Marketing, Processing, Value-added products
  • Equipment, Maintenance, Tools

#2. If you’re raising livestock, please cover these topics in your general tour

  • Feed needs, sources, equipment
  • Breeds & specific needs
  • Field prep & Fencing
  • Water needs & systems
  • Animal safety
  • Disease & predator control
  • Planning and recordkeeping
  • Marketing, Processing, value-added products

#3.  Gear your talk to apprentices and beginning farmers:Equipment, maintenance, tools

  • Go slowly and explain in good detail
  • Share your story of how you got into farming: this is invaluable for folks on the brink of farming and those in their first few years.
  • CRAFT members LOVE to have a handout from your tour: it helps them remember the key points after the tour is done.
  • Your “lessons learned” and “recommended do’s and don’ts” are invaluable for folks starting out.  Members want to hear about your mistakes as much as your successes.
  • Encourage questions.
  • Don’t gloss over subjects assuming that folks already know what you’re talking about.

#4. Plan your time well:

  • You have about 2 – 2.5 hours for your tour: tour participants want to learn about your whole farm enterprise as well as about your particular tour topic.  Plan about 1.5 hours for the full farm tour and then 1 hour for your specific topic. 
  • You are welcome (and encouraged!) to organize a work project just know that it may not all get done in that time period….

#5. Handouts are great! 

  • E-mail us the handouts you want and we’ll print copies and bring them to your tour.