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Compost Happens!

A half-day Workshop on Composting for Home and Farm 

with Brian Rosa

This class was cancelled at the OGS Harvest Conference so Brian is coming to Asheville to give a free 4 hour workshop.


Date: Saturday, October 29, 2016
Time: Noon to 4:00pm
Location: 5th Season Asheville Market,  4 S Tunnel Rd #450, Asheville, NC 28805
Cost: Free for OGS Harvest Conference 2016 Participants (Folks that attended on Saturday and were sad to miss the composting session. Others please register at this link: It’s $25 and helps cover Brian’s travel costs and venue costs at Fifth Season.


Registration: No pre-registration, just show up at 5th Season Gardening Center.

Composting is nature’s way of recycling.  By utilizing the natural process of decomposition, organic materials often considered “waste,” can be recycled into a rich soil enhancer. Through this transition, soil organisms break down the organic material in a compost pile so that valuable plant nutrients can be released for future generations of plants to use. Composting is enjoyable and easy to do.

Do you have questions about composting?26726141881_bcab0cfbbe_z

  • “How come my compost pile isn’t doing anything?
  • “It just sits there!” 
  • “When is it going to break down?”              
  • “How long should it take?”                                                                        

Well not to worry!

Section 1: Compost Basics

Join us for a fun and informative hands-on class, where you’ll learn quick & easy methods for turning ordinary kitchen scraps, farm residuals & yard waste into compost. This workshop thoroughly covers the importance of composting, setting up a compost pile, proper maintenance, and utilizing finished compost. Discover how to reduce waste and enhance the health of your soil and gardens. Participants will have an opportunity to help build an active compost pile onsite.

Section 2: Vermi-Composting – Worms at Work in Your Apartment or on Your Farm  

Vermiculture, or composting with worms, is an incredibly effective way to create nutrient rich and biologically active compost for your garden soil in a natural and sustainable way. Vermicomposting take advantage of the natural process of worms digesting food scraps which makes the worms happy and provides you with a virtually limitless supply of high-quality soil enhancement for your garden! This session will cover basics & maintenance of vermicomposting from a small apartment size vermi system to a large scale worm/ casting production.

NOTE: If you are interested in creating a worm bin upon returning home, you can pre-order Red Wiggler worms in 1 lbs. increment for $30/lb. and pick up at the workshop. PLEASE Pre-order by October 21, 2016 with Fifth Season – Tunnel Rd. Asheville, (828) 412-3200

Section 3: Compost Tea – What is it and how do you make it?    

Mike Weeks, of Fifth Season will join Brian to round out this class. He’ll cover what is compost tea, how to brew it, how to use it and provide demonstrations.

Brian M. Rosa has more than 25 years’ experience in waste reduction, recycling, composting and vermiculture industries. He started his career at the grass roots level, instituting the local recycling drop off center in his community. Shortly after, Brian owned a successful consulting and compost equipment sales company.   Recently, he retired after 11 years with NC Dept. of Natural Resources as the “Organics Recycling Specialist”. While with NCDENR, Brian provided BMP expertise and support to businesses, municipalities, farmers, and organic waste generators, collectors and composters in all aspects of organic waste diversion and handling.  Schools, associations, community gardeners and more enjoy engaging educational workshops led by Brian. Additionally, over the last decade as a Global Sustainability Consultant, his passion has enabled regions far and wide, to be restored and revitalized, utilizing local resources. With BE New Organic World, Brian continues to deliver appropriate organics waste solutions to urban and agricultural clients worldwide. He is always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet!

Mike Weeks, and his wife Kristin are co-owners of Fifth Season’s new Asheville gardening store which specializes in hydroponics, organic gardening, beer- and wine-making supplies. Fifth Season provides expertise for customers who take a do-it-yourself approach to life. Mike is dedicated to serving organic growers and the sustainability community through education, outreach, and support.