We coach and consult on-site within the Western North Carolina area and by skype with clients outside the area.

We are your partner on the journey towards self-reliance.

We recommend that you start with our Comprehensive Assessment, which will help us get a deeper understanding of your needs and plans. From there we can design something more in-depth and customized to support the realization of your goals.


Comprehensive Assessment

This in depth assessment helps us gather vital information about your dreams, your resources, your core life values, your timeline, and your desired process. We learn about you, you learn more about you, and your vision and intention becomes clearer and more accessible. This process is comprised of the following parts. 

Area Specific Assessment

If you’re already clear about where you want to focus our time, we can dive right in. Details here.

  • New Farmer Focus
  • Living on the Land Focus
  • Renewable Energy Focus
  • Water in the Landscape Focus
  • Installing a Garden or Orchard Focus

Remote Assessment 

For further-away clients and those who want to start their exploration, this assessment takes place on Skype/Hangouts or over the phone for ease of scheduling. This assessment offers the same comprehensive intake to gather information and allows for one-on-one time with our consultant for low-cost investment. 

Hourly Consulting & Coaching

This option is available for clients who have already been through one of the Assessment packages. Consider this to support your action plan, follow-through on implementation, get ongoing one-on-one education, or further support with your service providers.