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What is Veganic Gardening?

Guest blog by Caitlin Campbell Veganic gardening is a method of growing edible food plants without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or animal inputs such as manure, blood, or bone.This type of gardening employs methods and techniques that ensure fertility...

CRAFT Farmer Round Table – Discussion of The Lean Farm & Other Sources of Farming Information

We asked CRAFT members to bring their thoughts on their favorite sources of farming information, and be able to provide insight on how they put that information to use. Most participants had read The Lean Farm, which was the focal point of the discussion.

Vanessa had suggested this be a ‘farmer book club’, largely centered around the book The Lean Farm.


The Greeks have a term for “the right and opportune moment.” Kairos is that place on the precipice of change from which, if we so choose, old assumptions give way to a deeper, more authentic worldview.

Mother Earth News Fair 2017 – May 6&7

May 6-7, 2017 Western North Carolina Agricultural Center 1301 Fanning Bridge Rd. Fletcher, N.C. 28732 Hosted by: MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine WHAT: The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR is a family-friendly sustainable living event with more than 150 hands-on workshops and...