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The 22nd Spring Conference (March 7&8, 2015 in Asheville, NC) welcomes these wonderful speakers:

Featured SpeakerElaine_Ingham

Dr. Elaine Ingham is a world-renowned soil microbiologist and founder and president of Soil Foodweb, Inc., an organization that helps farmers all over the world grow more resilient crops by understanding and improving soil life. For the last 30 years Dr. Ingham has focused on the soil and its living organisms and providing sustainable solutions for maintaining soil health. She shares her knowledge in an easy to understand way and has worked with everyone from vegetable farmers, to cattle graziers, to nursery operators. Dr. Ingham earned her PhD from Colorado State University in 1981.

Keynote Address Details here.

Workshop Speakers

(in alphabetical order by first name)

Abraham Cluxton, Chargrow
Alexandra Tait, Artemis Archery Asheville
Alison Colberg, Asheville Point Acupuncture



Andrew Goodheart Brown, Barefoot Gardens is a biologist, wilderness forester, whalewatcher, and one of the best story-tellers you will ever hear, even when he’s not teaching Permaculture. He has taught at Earthhaven, The Farm in Summerton, TN, and other locations around the planet. He practices urban Permaculture at his home in an east Asheville neighborhood.

Annie Louise Perkinson, Flying Cloud Farm
Ashley Epling, Birds Eye Business Planning
Asia Temple, Temple Aesthetics Sacred Skin Care

Benjamin Portwood, Ecological Landscaping Association

Beth Herdman, Dancing Woods Farm

Bill Palmer, Designer/Craftsman

Bill Sanderson has served as a research biologist for state wildlife agencies and the Nature Conservancy, has taught biology and zoology at Asheville High School for 28 years, and anatomy at A-B Tech for 10 years. Bill is an avid birder, hiker, leatherworker, kiltmaker, wilderness survival instructor, arrowsmith, and traditional archer.  He has hunted exclusively with a bow for the past 20 years, regularly providing venison and turkey for his family. He has a BS in Biology and an MS in Zoology.

Bobby Sullivan & Clare Schwartz, French Broad Food Co-op

Brant Bullock

Carol Larsen & Bill Walker, Society of St. Andrew


Charles House, Way Cool Tools

Charlie Hodge, Sovereign Remedies


farmer-chipChip Hope, Western Piedmont Community College, started the Sustainable Agriculture program at Western Piedmont Community College. Chip is an Instructor in the Sustainable Agriculture and Horticulture programs. He earned his Master’s degree in Plant and Environmental Science from Clemson University. For many years he owned Appalachian Seeds Farm and Nursery, specializing in growing and selling open pollinated and heirloom herbs and vegetables, and edible landscape plants. He is well known for his work with heirloom tomatoes, and is passionate about growing food and medicine and sharing his experience with others.

Chris Chmiel, Integration Acres


Chris Smith & Angie Lavezzo, Sow True Seed:

Chris Smith – An enthusiastic grower and permaculture student from a green-thumbed family! As Community Coordinator for Sow True Seed, Chris has launched himself into the world of seed and seed saving since moving to America. On his ½ acre homestead, Chris is experimenting with landraces, selective seed saving, crop trials and seed grow outs. He loves the story of seed and is active in promoting good quality, regionally adapted open-pollinated seed.

Angie Lavezzo – With over 20 years of gardening experience, the magic of a sprouting seed is still Angie’s favorite thing. From an early age, Angie began questioning the logic of big agriculture, and the quest for truth and alternatives led her to her job working as Wholesale Manager for Sow True Seed. This gives her a perfect outlet for her passion for seeds and plants, and good balance to her home life, where she is a farmer, beekeeper, chicken wrangler, and avid reader.


chuckChuck Marsh, Useful Plants Nursery, is a permaculture elder, teacher, designer, consultant and nurseryman with a lifetime of experience working with the communities, people, plants, soils, water and climate of Western North Carolina. He brings his experience to bear on the cultivation of abundance for present and future generations of humans and for the regeneration of natural systems on our beautiful garden planet. Marsh is the founder of Useful Plants Nursery, a permaculture plant nursery and senior partner of Living Systems Design.


Clint Corley

Craig Mauney, NC Cooperative

Dale Robertson, The Farm at Gwynn Valley Camp

Dan & Don Adams, Earthineer

Daniel Hettinger, Chargrow

Dawn Combs, Mockingbird Meadows

Debbie Wood

DeNeice Guest, Author

diana_retryDiana Schmitt-McCall has managed the Dr. John Wilson Community Garden since 2007, helping to grow food for donation,educate the public and expand annual and perennial gardening throughout the town of Black Mountain. She is versed in permaculture, biointensive and biodynamic techniques. Known by many as “The Goddess in the Kitchen,” she has been teaching classes and nourishing folks with food in Western North Carolina since 1999.

Dr. Dee Eggers, UNC-Asheville

Dr. Hannah Burrack, NC State University

Dr. Jean-Marie Luginbuhl, NC State University

Dr. Patricia Jordan, King Bio



Dylan Ryals-Hamilton Transition Asheville

Elise Damilatis, Moon Flower Herbals